The Raccoons (1985)

Sunday, April 25, 2004

I went roller skating. What a nightmare! We paid 5 Dollars for the rollerskates and I kept them on for about 10 minutes. I only did about 4 laps and then realised I hated it! I didn't fall over though which was quite good! Kevin and Beinta were better than me and seemed to have a good time.
We left Broadway church early and caught the skytrain "downtown" to eat. We ended up in Dennys - apparently quite a popular North American restaurant. It was quite a good night altogether. Everybody at Broadway was quite nice. "Where are you from and why are you in Vancouver" seemed to be the popular questions! I'm amazed how people ask where I'm from, despite the English accent! We're doing better than last time I was here though, when several people asked "So which part of Australia are you from?" I usually just wanted to say "Queensland" so as to not make them feel too bad! Perhaps it was my cork hat that made them think that!
I was woke up Friday morning by Cheryl, the Urban Promise administrator, knocking on my door to say Jeff was going to pick me up in half an hour because schools finish earlier on Fridays. Jeff forgot to tell me! Luckily though, camp was still only 3 hours long so we were done by 3, or 4 by the time kids had gone and we'd cleaned up. I had the pleasure of telling one girl, Tuka, off. "Number 1, you do not ignore me when I shout your name - I should not have to say it 7 times, and Number 2, you look before you cross the road, you do not know what is coming but fortunately for you nothing was!" I love it!
It was also the second day I didn't have to listen to a whiny child called Tina, who is more nasal than Michelle McNasal!
I came home to find Lila, a 10 year old (but 18 foot tall) girl who was here 2 years ago, in the house. I opened the door and she ran at me almost knocking me over. Apparently she was quite excited to see me! I tried to get Kevin to come out because he wasn't feeling too great. He'd received an email saying his sister has to have tests for bowel cancer - please pray for this. I'm not sure when the tests are but they are fairly soon.
I finally managed to get him out of the house, which was my aim - fresh air does wonders - and we went to JJ Beans for coffee. Well I got coffee, Kevin stayed outside with Toby (the dog).

We went to a party last night at Ellisha's house. Ellisha was my camp director 2 years ago. I was so pleased to meet an english girl called Karen there. Shes from Bath but is now living in Perry Barr and goes to UCE. We had a good time laughing at the language differences. It was so good to speak quickly and use phrases nobody else seems to understand! We laughed about how the Canadians/Americans say 'Cacky' Pants for Khaki Trousers. This obviously means something different in England. We ended up drawing a map of england to show Kevin where we live, and the differences between north and south. We explained how southerners think anything north of the watford gap is north, even though the midlands is quite clearly in the middle! Just being able to talk to each other like that was fun, and I look forward to meeting another english person to talk to! I love talking so fast that nobody else understands! It was so good listening to somebody talking fast too, and being able to understand every word.
We left the party at about 10:30pm as Kevin and I were invited to meet Beinta and some of her friends "downtown". We walked to the skytrain where we were told there was a police incident. So we had to get on the East side to go west, then we got to the next station where a kind man told me we had to go over to the west side to go west, to which I disagreed and said we had to stay east. I was wrong. So we switched and went west! We kept walking until we found the place. It was a little bit like Wolverhampton on a Friday night - lots of people crowding around, girls in short skirts, and police patrolling the outside of every club or bar. We finally found the place but the queue was so long, and we felt underdressed (or maybe overdressed as we were wearing clothes!), so we didn't stay. We ended up walking for almost 2 hours looking for somewhere to eat.
I did see a homeless man with a sign saying "Good joke for spare change!" Surely this is a joke in itself! I was so first thought was "I HAVE to tell Phil that!" So I emailed him.
We came back to Commercial Drive and walked up looking for somewhere to eat. All we saw was a raccoon on the side of the road. I didn't fancy my chances trying to catch that for food, so we went home and cooked pizza. It turned out to be an eventful night - walking for 2 hours to only end up at home!
Today has been a fairly average day. Greta and I went to Commercial Drive for Greta to use up her minutes at the tanning salon, then we went for coffee. I did also manage to wash some clothes. Greta helped remind me how to use the washing machine and dryer! We did quite well, except I must've left some paper in a pocket! Oh well - good old sellotape always does the trick!

I also ripped my entire toenail off my little toe - pray for that!!! It really hurts and bled for ages!

I'm starting to settle in a lot more now, and get to know people - making some good friends. I feel more at home here, and I love the city. The kids and people I work with are great, and we have a laugh in the house. I've met a few people from Broadway but not many - I understand how people find it hard when they come into a new church, not knowing anybody. Kevin and I are invited to a brunch on Sunday for newcommers, so hopefully we'll meet new people there.

My prayer points are for my second week. Now I've got used to the schedule at camp, please pray that it still runs smoothly as I get to know the kids better, and that I still continue to settle here and get on with people. My first week has been good, but hard to start with. Please pray that it continues to go well. Your prayers and emails, so far, have really been appreciated. Thanks!

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There's a girl in my soup (1970)

Thursday, April 22, 2004

So the past couple of days at camp have gone ok. Today was better than yesterday. Yesterday I was left to run the 'flashcard room', where the kids pick a pile of cards and test each other on things like multiplication, division and spelling. How awful. I hated doing that class because I would hate to be tested on maths when I'm supposed to be having fun! Its no wonder the kids decided to run wild!
The rest of that day didn't go too well either. Nothing bad happened, I just didn't feel that content at the end of the afternoon.
Today, however, was much better. I did the reading class again and acheived a full sense of satisfaction by making a trouble maker sit on the 'naughty step' and seeing his friends become engrossed in their books while he was out the classroom.
I did meet a strange character at camp today though. A volunteer named Kurt (or Kirk - I couldn't really tell). He helps the kids with their reading and sets them tasks for the next week. This is a rewarding job - but he looks like the type of person who wouldn't pass a police check in order to work with children. This is probably very judgemental of me, but this is how he seemed! I also met a really annoying street leader called Amy. She's Chinese-Canadian, with the accent of a beach bum in California. spoke like this, like yeah totally! Know what I mean?!
Speaking of Chinese (not speaking Chinese - I haven't learned that yet!), I was talking to Jeff today about the Chinese culture in Vancouver and how I'd heard its the largest population outside of China. Jeff wondered if that was somewhere like San Francisco...then thought he was confused with homosexuals. I really don't know how he got Chinese People and Gay People mixed up. He asked me what the difference was and I was stuck for words (or I was laughing too much to answer)...answers on a postcard please!

I went to see 'eternal sunshine of the spotless mind' with kevin last night. Thats a good film. Its one of those that makes you think. Very clever film, I think. We came home and started planning a trip to Seattle for May Bank Holiday weekend. Not sure if we're going yet though, but we'd love to go and see Third Day and TobyMac playing. We're going to see Hillsongs United in Vancouver in May though - a good free night out!
We found a cheap deal to Vegas on the internet. 2 night in a hotel and airfare, all for $79. Why so cheap? I hear you ask. Well let me enlighten you...the hotel was called 'Westward Ho'.
Vegas is famous for its prostitution apparently. Imagine us saying we're going to stay there. It sounds like some sordid brothel!
So tonight I'm home alone. Kevin just went out to clean a church to earn some extra money. He has to spend 3 hours cleaning. I asked how he made it take that long, then realised he does actually clean, whereas I run a hoover round and a duster round the ornaments and think its done! Good enough, right? If you can't initially see the dust it must be clean!
Greta isn't home yet either. I don't know where she is, but I wish she'd hurry up because I'm not keen on being in the house by myself! Its boring more than anything - and then the proclaimers start singing loudly on the CD Kevin left playing "I would walk 500 miles!" Hmm..I got sidetracked there as it started playing. Oh, I'm not home alone. Toby, the dog, is here. Shes not much use though. She just lies by the window. Shes got white paper on her head but won't sit still long enough for me to get it off, so it will have to stay there!
Bruce, the executive director, spoke to me yesterday morning about doing a project based on something I've always wanted to know or questions I have in order to take up some time and get something out of my time here. I spoke to Tom and he suggested a project on why Dave Jones sold 2 certain players and bought 2 others. I wasn't too sure about this idea. My other idea was to answer the question "When God created earth, what came first - England or Canada??" Any ideas how I could research this? If not - any suggestions on what I could do the project on?

I'm glad you're all enjoying reading my Blog. This entry isn't quite as enthralling as all the others. Nothing very exciting has happened that I could have fun reporting, so its just mundane, boring stuff at the moment. Maybe I will have more to report after tomorrow nights 80s theme night! Rollerskating - wicked!

Also, could somebody send me copies of the church magazine for a laugh, please?!

Finally, in answer to all your questions (i'm sure), the title of the this entry is because this afternoon I was attempting to make soup, something I have never struggled with! However, I don't ever have to make condensed soup at home. I have never had solid soup that has to be mixed with milk before. If I didn't know the final appearance of the soup was going to be ok, I would not have wanted to eat this LUMP of mushroom soup.
Hopefully tomorrow I will make better soup! That's my prayer point for today!!!

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Peeping Tom (1960)

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

This ones for you Tom.

Isn't it amazing how some people desire to see their name in lights? Well Tom, imagine your name in bright pink flashing lights above a dodgy casino in Vegas...feel better?!

This is going to be a short one, because I write in this thing too often and pretty soon you'll all get bored of reading it!
Last time I wrote (about lunch time today) I was panicking, overwhelmed and worried about starting camp. I didn't know what to expect and I didn't know what it would be like to work with Jeff - I didn't get that pleasure last time I was here, but Linsey did so she'd know all about it.
Anyway, I went to camp and had to make the trip to the school to pick the kids up. I went with Crystal who is a stick-like creature with long blonde hair and had the tendency to look me up and down when she thought I wasn't looking! I'm the superior one though - I have the accent!
It was a nightmare picking the kids up - all they want to do is run off and play football or just throw themselves at each other! But, despite their lack of self-control and the rain that was starting to pour, we finally made it back to the church where I spent the first 30 minutes or so just observing the kids - finding out what they like to do, and answering questions such as "Are you Scottish?" No Carol, I wasn't impersonating you - I just think the lack of education in Canada is evident here!
For the most part of the afternoon, I was in charge of the 'reading class'. I really like this class. I tell the kids to get a book, sit down and read it for about 20 minutes. Then I call some of them up for 5 minutes or so to read to me. If they do a good job, they get points. There's something strangely satisfying and rewarding about listening to a child read and helping them with the difficult words, then hearing them read that word again perfectly later in the book. I also witnessed two boys, who were behaving badly earlier in the afternoon, get a book, sit down, and read a book together, taking it in turns to read a page. And I met Canada's most intelligent child! He knew every bible story - read the children's bible to me, and then decided to tell me everything there is to know about dinosaurs! Great kid really - but again, hes another one who was quite naughty earlier. Perhaps he needs more attention because everything is below his level of intellect! Believe it or not, some kids are actually like that.
So, I'm getting ready for another night of boredom whilst watching the Canucks play Calgary in the ice hockey play-offs - thrilling!

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Chocolat (2000)

Monday, April 19, 2004

I decided to be kind and generous to my house mates yesterday and I shared my dairy milk with them. Its so hard to get good chocolate over here - even cadburys! They make it with this nasty fake milk squeezed out of a rotting animal, it would seem! So I shared this good english chocolate and everybody seemed to enjoy it. Then Kaja, the actress in the house who is currently learning to walk like a chicken for a play suprisingly called "Chickens", decided to inform me that once my delicious, REAL english chocolate ran out I could always go to some chocolate shop on Commercial Drive to buy equally delicious chocolate! Delicious Chocolate in North America? I hear you ask....well the answer is no. I haven't tried it yet and neither do I wish to! Her next comment began "They have delicious chocolate with mango in the middle".
Chocolate with mango? Were my ears deceiving me? Do they really think this is good, delicious chocolate? If this is the best I can get, please I beg you, send me cadburys! send me galaxy! send me a chocolate covered cricket - I don't care! But please don't make me eat fake chocolate made with soya milk!

I went to Broadway again last night. It was a baptism service - and very strange indeed! Either side of the stage there is a small box-like balcony, that looks like the royal box in a theatre in London. I could imagine the Queen sitting there clapping along to "All things are possible", or "Blessed be your name". Theres a glass covering on the front of this 'box', so you can see peoples legs. Then the strangest thing happened. I noticed, whilst singing another Hillsongs creation, that two angel like figures had appeared in the box to the right of the stage. They were wearing long, white choir robes. I was about to praise God for such an amazing sight when I realised it was one of the youth leadership team and a member of the youth group. The box filled with water and I was both suprised at such a strange place to have a baptismal tank, and filled with amazement that they could allow the Queen to get so wet, should she ever visit!
So four people were baptised, and considering they're Canadian, they really had the knack of being over-dramatic and over-emotional in the way the Americans do it.
The worship again was average. Y'know - the typical worship leader with no shoes on, and the singer with a ridiculous fringe that looked like I'd cut it! It was also similar to my church at home, for the second service in a row, in the way that the pianist began to sing a solo and the congregation joined in. Then the singer began to sing one and again the congregation joined in!
We were all invited after the service to stay for a 'celebration' in the downstairs fellowship hall. This building is more like a hospital than a church. Its ridiculously big with so many rooms that I doubt even they could find enough events to use them. They even had a sofa in the ladies! Good for those chats you know us women have to have when we go to the toilet in pairs!
So Kevin and I stayed for a while - ate cookies, and half a muffin (all we were allowed - sounds familiar Justine "One cake each!"). Then we caught the bus home. Not looking forward to the lamb dinner we were being cooked at home (I don't like lamb!), we decided to walk up Commercial Drive and buy a battered mars bar! I've never done this before, and I never will again! My heart cannot take the pressure! It was nice, and luckily it satisfied my appetite enough that we didn't have to eat very much of the dinner we were left.
We spent as much time as we could in the small belgian cafe to delay having to return back to the house where life remained boring, and Adam and Kaja had 2 friends over from their theatre group.
We spent a while talking and Kevin confided in me about how he had felt cut out of things since being in the house. He hasn't really clicked with anybody, and has felt since November pretty much how I've felt since Friday. Like its hard coming into a house where everybody is already settled with what they're doing. We decided to go sight seeing together now and then, and not let each other cry ourselves to sleep because we're so bored! I think its a good thing that we're both there - if not just to keep each other sane, then to at least provide some sort of entertainment when the days gets dull!
We spent the final few hours of the day on the computer. Greta, Kevin and I spent ages talking to each other on messenger, which is pretty sad because we were all sitting in a row in the front room! This went on until about midnight when we decided it was time to sleep. So I climbed the stairs and before long I was gone!

This morning I was told all about camp and the lay out of it. I was told whats expected of me, and what I should do when kids are being naughty or back chatting, and how to run certain areas. It was all very overwhelming and I wasn't sure that I can do it. I'm being picked up in about half an hour to go and set up the church, then I have to fetch kids from school and camp begins for today. It's only about 3 hours, but its worrying me. Its times like this - when I feel worried, or overwhelmed, or completely lost in what I'm doing, that I miss home. I guess this is my prayer point for today. I'm worried about how the kids will respond to me, and how the other leaders will treat me. I don't want to be left on my own to figure it all out and then at the end of the day have Jeff, the camp director, telling me I wasn't very good in a certain area, or I did something wrong. I need somebody to show me the ropes.
I love being here, and I love being in the house and being in Vancouver - but as I'm about to start work with the kids, its all a bit daunting.
Oh well, time will tell if I'm cut out for this or if I really just needed an escape plan! Role on 6pm!

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To Confuse The Angel (1970)

This is really starting to annoy me. Nothing goes right on this thing! Entries messed up and confused! Read the long ones - they make more sense!

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The Great American Mug! (1945)

Ok so the film title I chose for this entry isn't exactly true - I'm in Canada! But North America is close enough!

Today has been a fairly strange day!

I left the last post early this morning when I couldn't sleep. The day is now well on its way and I'm wide awake - ready to post again!

I went to church this morning. Broadway Church. I borrowed Kaja's buspass and got there in 2 minutes, as opposed to a 25 minute walk.
Its a nice church. Huge Building, seats around a couple of thousand or so. They have things going on everyday of the week and they seem like a really friendly bunch of people.
I noticed that this church is so similar to my church at home. The powerpoint was sometimes slow and we didn't always get the songs up ready for the first lines, so the worship team were on their own (no offence emily - I'm clearly speaking about others!!!!).
Then sometimes the microphones were switched off and didn't come on in time! Everytime somebody spoke into the mic the worship leader held was turned off, so he'd start to sing again and nobody could hear him, or see the words!!!
Obvious differences were the huge choir wearing long green robes! Please, no, don't suggest we wear blue on the worship team to match the chairs! Although it'd be a refreshing change from having to choose what to wear in order to fit the colour scheme for that week! We'd never have to pick between purple, pink and autumn colours again! The sound was bad when the choir were singing too - I'm sure they couldn't hear themselves - or maybe they just couldn't sing! Steve and Judith would do a much better job with the harmonies!
I almost had to laugh outloud too, if I wasn't alone I probably would've! The music was similar to home - a mixture of newer and older songs. I almost felt like I was back in walsall at one point. We sang 'You are God in heaven', the Matt Redman song, right? Nobody really sang or worshipped but seemed to just stand there - then suddenly we started to sing 'Great is thy faithfulness' - hands raised altogether as if being pulled up by strings - it was so like home! Nobody knew Matt Redmans song or bothered to try and learn it - then suddenly, an old favourite, and everybody pretends they've been deep in worship the whole time! I'm trying to discover where the old cheesys sit!

What I really liked about Broadway church was that I was given a gift - simply for admitting to being a visitor! A mug! with broadway church written on the side! How else can they make you feel at home than by giving you something to hold tea! speaking of tea - I went to safeway to buy PG Tips, but then decided when I was standing infront of it that I didn't really need it! Are you proud of me, mom?! So anyway, do you understand the title now?! The Great [North] American Mug!!!

This afternoon my Sunday lunch was a bagel with cream cheese! Healthy or what?! Everybody helps themselves to food here unless somebody actually offers to cook, and I still don't understand the food here because everything is completely different! They have frozen juice! All I wanted was orange squash! Kevin wants to know why is it called orange squash? Answers on a postcard please!

So next I went to JJ Beans - the best latte this side of...erm...starbucks! Someone visit me, I have to show you this place!
Well I'm about to go to church again - I will share more with you soon if tonight proves as funny as this morning! Overall I really enjoyed the service - the preacher was excellent and I knew all the songs except 1!
Hopefully tonight I won't have as many people look at me in a really strange way like they did this morning! Apparently nobody knows the name Gemma! Honestly, I'm not making it up - that really is my name!

Keep the comments coming...I'll keep you updated and things continue to unfold here in BC!

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Lost in Translation (2003)

Sunday, April 18, 2004

its 6:30am - who in their right mind would be up at this time? 5am is even worse. It's called Jet Lag! I managed to lie in bed for an hour before finally getting up. Now here I am!
It was a long and boring flight. I sat next to a cockney who had about 5 tattoos on each arm and was wearing an england football shirt. Nice guy, 'cept he only spoke as we took off and as we landed! There were 10 hours in between! There was a woman in front who was like a stick insect, wore clothes like she was 21, had a face like she was 41! She also seemed to suffer from the naan bread syndrome! The air hostesses were fairly helpful, but also fairly miserable and not very polite! They frequently bashed my foot or arm with their trolley and kept walking! They were good at bringing the food and drinks though!
So we finally landed, and I was so excited to see Vancouver again. The prettiest city in the world. I had no problem getting through customs, cept for an immigration officer who practically shouted at me for explaining that I wasn't exactly sure of the number of days I'd be here but I took a guess. Apparently I wasn't going at his pace - slow!
I finally got out the airport and I was alone! Nobody there to pick me up! I couldn't remember the phone number of the house, so I waited a while, and eventually remembered I had Jo's (who was picking me up) mobile number in my email. So I paid C$1 and logged onto hotmail in somebodies office. Got the number, pushed my luggage back out...and Jo arrive. Amazing timing!
She gave me the option of where I'd like to stop and eat - I chose Wendy's. North America's greatest square burgers! I'd been eager for one since I left home. I washed it down with root beer which I'd also been waiting forever for. Jo offered to pay which I thought was nice, and accepted the offer! But she soon realised she didn't have any money, so I paid! She gave me the money back though which, again, was nice.
We finally arrived at the house. I could see a home made banner saying "Welcome back Gemma" which made me smile. I was greeted at the door by Toby, the gentle, quiet dog who lived here before. She belongs to Jo and has since moved out but comes back to visit! Greta followed Toby and welcomed me with a hug - I knew her from before. Behind Greta was Kevin, a new face who is here from Saskatchewan (I know I can't spell that name!).
I unpacked. I have my own room, and ventured back downstairs where everything is just as I remembered it.
I gave Greta the job of keeping me awake, so we went to the ice cream shop that used to have 180 - something flavours. Now it has over 200. By tradition we each had to try 2 gross flavours. I was given something that tasted like onion, and another one that was so gross I blocked it from my memory!
I finally settled for 1 scoop, on a waffle cone. It was chocolate cookie dough flavour. Seems boring when there were so many other wierd and wonderful flavours to choose from, but I panicked when I was trying to pick and the man asked me what I wanted! It was nice though.
By this time I was falling to sleep. It was 9pm and my body was telling me it was 5am. So I went straight to bed when we got back. I slept till 5am, woke up, went back to sleep, woke up, went back to sleep, and continued like this till 9:30am, when I finally got up and washed my hair!
Greta and I were invited to Ellisha's house for breakfast. Ellisha was my camp director, and a good friend, last time I was here, so I was really looking forward to seeing her again. French toast, fruit and almonds. It was really nice. I'm going to have to buy some PG Tips though - the Canadians don't know how to make real tea!
We left Ellisha's and I went to the 'drug store' for some ibuprofen to take away my major headache, and I got a phone card. Came back and rang my mom - then watched a boring programme about 1st nations in Vancouver. We only watched it because Greta and Kevin were on it!
I felt so ill after this though, that I went to bed. I slept for a few hours, then got up and watched the Vancouver Canucks V Calgary in some ice hockey game. I didn't really understand it, but it was funny watching Kevin get so involved! He's supporting Calgary which isn't good when you're in Vancouver!
I went to bed at around 11pm, and slept till 5am.
Things are going well.

Its really wierd being back here. I'm really trying hard to settle back into things, but I keep thinking about home and how long it will be before I'm back there. Its starting to get a bit better now as I'm starting to get to know people, and I'm gonna go to an AoG church, and get involved with their 18-30s stuff. Hopefully I'll meet some nice people there!
I'm also starting at the camp tomorrow so it'll be good to have stuff to do. I'm looking forward to seeing Beinta next Saturday, and I'm invited to a party on Friday night at Ellisha's house!
Everybody is making me feel welcome, its just hard knowing I'm so far away from home for such a long time.
I kept thinking on Friday that I'd done the wrong thing and that I couldn't stay here for 14 weeks - but its starting to get easier now, and I think I might manage it! It is such a big move for me!

Please pray for:-

1) I'll settle in ok, and feel at home.
2) I'll make good friends and be made to feel welcome at Broadway Church and in the house.
3) I'll be helpful at camp (!) and the kids will also make me feel welcome.
4) That I won't miss home too much, but will love my time here, but also think a lot about people back home!

If I have any other prayer requests, I'll let you know!!!

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Back to the Future (1985)

Saturday, April 10, 2004

I now officially have the next 3 and a half months of my life sorted. Yesterday I finally got my work permit and booked my flights - I leave for Vancouver next Friday (16th) and return to England on Tuesday 27th July. I'm both excited and nervous.
I'm excited about seeing people I havent seen for so long, seeing the kids, and living back in the city. I'm nervous because I'm worried incase I don't make good friends, or I don't enjoy it as much, or that I will struggle with my money - or lack of it! I'm beginning to gain in faith that God will provide. I will tithe while I am away, and I believe God will provide. I believe he doesn't want me to be stuck inside all the time, and lonely, because I can't afford to go out for coffee! fellowship time, right?!
Its a 10 hour flight...everything better be worth it after that!
So its back to the future for me! Looking and worrying again about whats to come!

I saw a certain person today I wasn't totally too keen on seeing. Everything is so awkward and you can sometimes cut the atmosphere with a knife! I try to change that but its hard...maybe 3 and a half months away will help me even more. Its been months now, but I still need time away from the whole situation...its taking me a long time to get over it, even though I'm not bitter anymore. I don't hate them or are angry with them for upsetting me - whats done is done - but I'm struggling to get over the one half of the couple! The Lord has blessed me loads lately...He'll help me and bless me with this too!
I'm praying for that really fit canadian husband I think God is promising me! haha! Bring it on!

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Bed of Roses (1996)

Friday, April 02, 2004

Tonight was probably going to be my last night at youth for a while. I was so touched to receive a huge bunch of flowers with roses in! It was very thoughtful and sentimental and I wanted to cry!

I love the youth! they're all so great!

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